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TIMECLIENT Version 1.3

TIMECLIENT is a tool for TOS comaptibles.

It's purpos is to receive the current time from a TIME server and
set the system clock according to the received data.
This is not an NTP nor SNTP Client!
This tool is written with old Atari that don't have a battery
(or an empty one) to keep the system time.

The networking sources are stolen from the highwire project.
So it shouldn't be to much of hassle to make it work with
internet stacks other than sting or MagicNet.

Currently the package contains versions for MagicNet,Sting,Iconnect.

timec.prg 		-> Sting
timemagc.prg 	-> MagicNet
timecicn.prg	-> Iconnect

There lurks a bug in Tos, which resets the Date / Time when you
want to read the current date / time, it only happens when the
NVBATTERY is empty. To fix the bug, you will need the tool TIMEKEEPER,
which is included in the package. Place the tool into your AUTO folder.

Sadly currently I haven't found a way to start the Tool when the network
is connected - the network stacks have different ways to do application
start whenever they connect. You have to find a way for yourself.
For Sting there exists a tool called spawner.

The config file must be placed into C:\ - reason for this is, that
I thought it would be possible to place my tool into Auto folder. Sadly
this is not possible (Because network is not working at that time).

The first lines contains an GMT adjustment. Probably you won't need
this, but maybe when you have an british ATARI running in the U.S.
this option becomes handy! The adjustment is measured in hours.

The second line contains the TIME server (as a host name!).

The third line contains a timeout parameter. If no data is received
after this time, the tool stops waiting for Data and exits. This entry
is measured in milliseconds.

The fourth line configures a Message after time retrieval. Set to 1 to 
show the message, set to 0 to hide the message.  

The fifth line configures an startup delay. This is usefull when TIMEC
is used with Autostart methods and gives the networks drivers some
time to be loaded before TIMEC tries to make a connection.

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